Hi!  I’m Jan Christian Schulz…


…and I’m a curious designer & developer from Northern Germany.

In 2012 I started studying Product Design at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts where I gained a lot of useful experience in various areas. During my studies I had great stays abroad, including a study semester at FHWN Basel in Switzerland, an excursion to establish a university cooperation in Indonesia and the chance to exhibit at Milan Design Week. In addition to my studies, I worked as a CAD designer for a furniture company and for the IF International Forum Design in Hanover. During winter 2017 I did an internship at the company of the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven. After my Bachelor Graduation I worked for two years as designer and project manager for the furniture company Thonet. Currently I am enjoying my Social Design Master program at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

More of my projects can be found on www.schulzthiel.de



FORM − 2019

German Design Award, Nominee − 2019

VDID Newcomers‘ Award − 2019

Hessischer Staatspreis, Nominee − 2019

ein&zwanzig, world´s finest design talents − 2018

Aveneo Newcomer Innovation Award, Nominee − 2016

3rd place at „HannoLab“ Design Thinking − 2014


CURRENTLY – 5. April 2020   ‘Radical Craft’ at Direktorenhaus Museum − Berlin, Germany 2019/2020

CURRENTLY – 6. October 2019   Bundesgartenschau − Heilbronn, Germany 2019

‘Moorwelten’ European Centre of Expertise Moor and Climate − Wagenfeld, Germany 2019

EMBRACING EXCHANGE’ − Maastricht, Netherlands 2019

FORM’ at TendenceFrankfurt, Germany 2019

Talents’ at TendenceFrankfurt, Germany 2019

‘VDID’ at Interzum Köln − Cologne, Germany 2019

‘Disruptive Materials’ at Interzum Köln − Cologne, Germany 2019

Kunstverein Köln − Cologne, Germany 2019

‘Niedersächsischer Staatspreis gestaltendes Handwerk’ − Hanover, Germany 2019

‘ein&zwanzig’ at Milan Design Week − Milan, Italy 2018

‘Young Talents’ at Handwerksform − Hanover, Germany 2018

Ideen-Boulevard − Hanover, Germany 2017

Ventura Lambrate − Milan, Italy 2016

‘DESIGNHOCH16’ − Hanover, Germany 2015

‘Look’ at FHNW Basel − Basel, Switzerland 2015

ARCHITECT@WORK − Zurich, Switzerland 2015

‘Wer den Ton beseelt’ − Hanover, Germany 2015

Institut Seni Indonesia − Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2014

Design Thinking Workshop − Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2014

Elevator Pitch − Hochschule Hanover 2014


VDID − 2019

HK – Holz- und Kunststoffverarbeitung Magazin − 2019

Furniture Journal − 2019

BM – Innenausbau | Möbel | Bauelemente Magazin − 2019

Haute Innovation − 2019

design report − 2018

md – interior | design | architecture Magazin − 2018

smow − 2018

designigel − 2018

DEAR Magazin − 2018

DECO Home − 2018

DDS Magazin − 2017

First Floor magazine − 2015


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