I’m Jan Christian Schulz and I come from a small village in Northern Germany. This is certainly one of the main reasons why I am so fascinated by the culture of this marshy region. During the project I dealt with old crafts and came into contact with many cultural preservationists.

This project was my bachelor thesis at the Hochschule Hannover for Applied Sciences and Arts in the field of product design. I started studying there in 2012 and gained a lot of useful experience in various areas. During my studies I had great stays abroad, including a study semester in Switzerland, an excursion to establish a university cooperation in Indonesia and the chance to exhibit at Milan Design Week. In addition to my studies, I worked as a CAD designer for a furniture company and for the IF International Forum Design in Hanover. During winter 2017 I did an internship at the company of the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven. Currently I work as designer and project manager for the furniture company Thonet.

…more of my projects can be found on www.schulzthiel.de



German Design Award, Nominee − 2019

ein&zwanzig, world´s finest design talents − 2018

Nominated for Aveneo Newcomer Innovation Award − 2016

3rd place at „HannoLab“ Design Thinking − 2014

Press & Exhibition

upcoming spring Exhibition Direktorenhaus Berlin − Berlin, Germany 2019

upcoming January Exhibition Kunstverein Köln − Cologne, Germany 2019

upcoming January Exhibition Handwerkskammer Hannover − Hanover, Germany 2019

design report − 2018

md – interior | design | architecture Magazin − 2018

Exhibition Milan Design Week − Milan, Italy 2018

Exhibition Young Talents at Handwerksform − Hanover, Germany 2018

smow − 2018

designigel − 2018

DEAR Magazin − 2018

DECO Home − 2018

DDS Magazin − 2017

Exhibition Ideen-Boulevard − Hanover, Germany 2017

Exhibition Ventura Lambrate − Milan, Italy 2016

Exhibition „DESIGNHOCH16“ − Hanover, Germany 2015

First Floor magazine − 2015

Exhibition „Look“ at FHNW Basel − Basel, Switzerland 2015

Exhibition „ARCHITECT@WORK“ − Zurich, Switzerland 2015

Exhibition „Wer den Ton beseelt“ − Hanover, Germany 2015

Exhibition & Exhibition Concept at Institut Seni Indonesia − Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2014

Design Thinking Workshop − Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2014

Elevator Pitch − Hochschule Hanover 2014

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